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Cornwall has been long known for its unforgiving moorland rises, hidden valleys, rugged coastlines and of course, it's myths, legends, and tales of ghosts...

Throughout the passages of time, Cornwall has evolved from hunter-gatherers, ancient stone circles, quoits and cairns to an industrious people capitalising on the rich underground minerals, plentiful seas and good arable lands for farming.

In amongst this proud nation lays the strong history of smugglers, revolutionists, criminals, religious martyrs and Cornish heroes. All of which Paranormal Voice plan to explore through the Haunted Cornwall website with their video documentaries, blogs, interviews and research into the supernatural aspects so often spoken of.

Throughout our filming of the Haunted Cornwall web series, we hope to connect to our Cornish ancestry, history and heritage as we search for paranormal contact in some of Cornwall's most haunted locations, known and unknown.

Creepy Cornish Engine House
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