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As Paranormal Voice are restarting and revamping the Haunted Cornwall project, they will add all new investigation footage here on the website, with written reports, the investigation documentary and any photographs.


Of course, these publications come only after seeking permission from the location owners/managers though sometime the location will want to remain anonymous and we agree abide by any such requests as our research is paramount to us and to the location . As new information or investigations are added, the team will let everyone know by posting updates on their social media pages.

If you have a location that you would like the team to consider for investigation, or have a suggestion then please get in touch through email:, the website contact page or via the PV/HC social media pages.

and hours of using recording devices... then there is the footage and recordings review which will, if done properly, take anything up to 30 to 40 hours. Paranormal Voice absolutely love all aspects of the investigation process and are keen to show the serious side of how it really works.


It is a common misconception that Ghost Hunting is very much as it is portrayed on the bigger Paranormal TV shows when in fact, it is far from that.


Investigating the Paranormal is a long and laborious task but one born out of a true passion. There can be many hours of research - pre and post-investigation and for legitimate teams, the actual investigation involves setting up noninvasive experiments, hours of sitting in silence,

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