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Paranormal Voice is a long-standing team and has much experience in investigating supernatural claims in a methodical and non sensationalist manner. They have been privileged enough to be allowed access to some of the most prestigious locations in 

Cornwall.... from a National Trust House, a Jail, a Castle, old RAF base, Manor Houses, Museums, all the way through to English Heritage properties. The team are recognised for the respect of every location they enter and any potential paranormal activity encountered. 

With a love of Cornwall, it has been a natural progression for Paranormal Voice to explore and document the history and hauntings of the beautiful county, most of the team live in. This has developed into the creation of the Haunted Cornwall web series and now, a new website. With a total revamp, PV are starting again to offer a more in depth look into all things ancient, historical, cultural, supernatural and mystical through our video documentaries and blogs.

Paranormal Voice comprises of an eclectic mix of people, all believers in another realm but some more sceptical than others. This brings a fantastic mix of experience, theories, ideas and ways to investigate, which push some of the boundaries in finding that piece of definitive proof of an afterlife. They are not out to offer any unfounded or ludicrous claims but only to document the unexplainable, giving video footage, photos and/or a written report to the location. PV collect the evidence and allow you to make up your own minds on what you think it is...

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