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First Blog!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Since moving to Cornwall over 20 years ago, its history, heritage, and culture have been a huge draw for my husband and me. Along with this, I have had a lifetime fascination with anything supernatural. I've investigated for many years and tried to grasp as many aspects of the paranormal and spiritual worlds that I can, leading me to right here and right now...

Haunted Cornwall is a reborn project of Paranormal Voice. a project I was always passionate about creating from its first thought in my mind and since the C19 lockdowns, ideas have grown and expanded into not only investigating alleged haunted locations within Cornwall but also exploring the culture, along with the history and ancestry too. Without history, the triumphs, trials, tribulations, mistakes and, forward thinkers, we wouldn't be where we are now and we certainly wouldn't have the tales, stories of ghosts, and ghouls.

Are ghosts real? That I cannot tell you and we are not here to convince or change your mind and beliefs. The whole of the paranormal Voice team has a huge passion for paranormal contact for more years than we care to shake a stick at. I've no idea where that saying comes from but it's certainly well versed within our part of the world!

Through the Haunted Cornwall website, paranormal series, and our blogs covering Cornish history, heritage, even hauntings we plan on sharing our passions with you and hope you enjoy the journey with us. As time goes by the website will grow, the Haunted Cornwall series will hit your screens and there will be more and more for you to see.

Should you feel you can contribute to writing about all of the amazing things our Haunted Cornwall offers then please get in touch using the contact form.

There are some people that deserve some recognition for helping me get everything spot on. Firstly is one of my closest, the lovely Lorien from The Ghost Book. Secondly, Karin Beasant, a very good friend of mine and one of the resident Jamaica Inn Ghost Hunting team. Last but not least, Allison Robins from the North Cornwall Paranormal team who unexpectedly designed the amazing logo we are using now. Everyone loves the Haunted Cornwall logo!

We definitely look forward to sharing all that the coming months and years have to offer with everyone but for now, I'll stop waffling and let you start exploring this project.

All the best,

x Jayne x

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