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A former chapel nestled in the heart of Townshend village, deep into Cornwall, makes an unexpected location for reports of paranormal happenings.


Built in the mid-1800's this building has been the central hub of its community ever since. Once used as a place of prayer, contemplation, celebration, mourning, and even a Sunday School the echoes of its past seem to linger within the walls.


Now used as a village hall there are reports from local paranormal teams (including Haunted Cornwall) and people who have experienced something at this location. 


It is said that the presence of an old hag has been felt. A 2nd world war military man has been sensed watching people. The sounds of children singing have been heard. Some think there is a rogue Vicar who fathered illegitimate children. We have seen unexplainable shadows, heard voices, and more... 


Our aim is to give you a real investigation drawing on our many years of experience, using modern and traditional techniques. We take a  minimal amount of people to give you the maximum attention and best experience possible. We are not there to give you jump scares or be a form of entertainment. Applying honesty and logic, we will show you how to use equipment, how it works, and how easy it is to get false positives from some of the gadgets, and for those that wish to join in, we will delve into some of the victorian ways of communication. 


No paranormal results can be promised but a real investigation is guaranteed. 


Are you brave enough to enter the darkness and step into the unknown in search of the afterlife? 

The Haunted Chapel Ghost Hunt, Townshend. Sat. 26th March, 2022

  • Location Name: Townshend Chapel

    Event Date: Saturday 26th March

    Event Time: 8pm until 1am

    Price: £35 per person

    Refreshments: Please bring your own food and drinks

    Location Address: Bunkers Hill, Townshend, Hayle, TR27 6AG

    Parking: Limited Parking. Please car share if able.

    *** Please note *** This location is disabled friendly with a ramp and disabled toilet facilities. The flooring is flat and accessible to most with mild mobility issues or using a wheelchair. Please get in touch if you have a disablility and would like more information.

    Please read all terms and conditions


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