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By popular request, Jayne and Gemma of the Paranormal Voice team have decided that we will open some of our investigations for other teams and public ghost hunting events under the Haunted Cornwall name.

The aim of the public investigations is not to pack it with many people but to work with a small number that will offer a real investigation experience. During your time with us, we will show you investigating techniques, you'll have the opportunity to use paranormal equipment and learn how to use it properly but also know the pros and cons to each gadget.

For established teams, we will offer chances to investigate larger locations that normally are not reachable because of cost. With Haunted Cornwall doing all of the organizing and holding the valid insurance, once you have booked your places, all your team will need to do is turn up and enjoy all that the location has to offer. Leave the hard work to us...

The ethos of what we do is honesty. Some investigations may have paranormal occurrences and others won't have anything happen at all but the one thing we can guarantee you is that Haunted Cornwall will not waste your time with false positives, claims, or dramatic behavior. We pride ourselves on truthful findings with calmed and collected logic.



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