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1 • For insurance purposes no persons under 18 years old. Any person who may be suspected of being under this age will be asked for proof of age and identity. If the said person cannot prove age they will be asked to leave the event immediately with no refund.

2 • Please bring a torch for your own safety as there will be periods of low light and complete darkness, in line with a paranormal investigation. 

3 • Due to the age and nature of some of the locations there will be uneven flooring/ground, irregular/steep stairs or steps, inclines, and declines. Please use caution and care when navigating the aforementioned risks. Haunted Cornwall accepts no responsibility for injury, accident, incident, or death for those running, not using a light source (torch or lights/lamps at the location), or displaying abnormal behavior before, after, or during Haunted Cornwall events.

4 • The age and nature of some of the locations we use are not suitable for persons with a disability/disabilities unless otherwise stated. The buildings and locations we enter can be subject to change, repair, and differences so we reserve the right to change investigation areas, methods, and the location without prior communication to our customers. If there are particular investigations that you would like to attend but are concerned about the accessibility then please contact us, using the contact form listed in the main menu, for further information or to help with any queries.

5 • Any aids for walking, mobilization, or medical needs are to be brought by the customer and are no responsibility of Haunted Cornwall or its representitives, the customer. If you cannot stand for long periods of time we recommend bringing a small fold-up chair for your own needs and comfort.

6 • Due to the risks and hazards at locations heavily pregnant women, pregnant women at any risk of illness, injury, or miscarriage are not permitted on events for their own safety. 

7 • There is absolutely no smoking or vaping in buildings, enclosed areas, property, or on-premises unless there are specifically designated areas provided by the location itself. We will not assign smoking areas and you will be required to leave the grounds of the location to smoke or vape. This is non-negotiable.

8 • Under no circumstances will Haunted Cornwall permit alcohol or drugs at events. Any person thought or appearing to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any substances that impair or change rational and responsible behavior will be asked to leave immediately without reprise with no full or partial refund of this event. If you are ejected, you will be refused entry to any other future event without explanation. We accept no responsibility for anyone under the influence of any substance consumed by our customers, this includes accident, injury, incident, or death.

9 • Customers attending Haunted Cornwall events are expected to behave in a responsible and pleasant manner towards other patrons, Haunted Cornwall, and its representatives. We ask you to be polite and courteous to people living, surrounding, or using the immediate area of the location premises. Racism, derogatory speech, or disrespect of any kind, physical or mental abuse will not be tolerated in any form before, during, or after events. If you show or act out any such behavior you will be asked to leave immediately with no full or partial refund of this event. If you are ejected, you will be refused entry to any other future event without explanation. Respect toward others is expected to be exercised by everyone on Haunted Cornwall events at all times.

10 • No candles or items with naked flames are permitted to be used any time whilst at location or on-premises. Haunted Cornwall will not use candles or naked flames for any reason.

11 • Personal possessions, clothing, and belongings are the responsibility of their owners and therefore you are advised to keep any such items safe and with you at all times. Haunted Cornwall accepts no liability or responsibility for items lost, stolen, or damaged whilst on or traveling to or from the events. Your belongings are your responsibility.

12• Haunted Cornwall does not provide any sleeping facilities unless otherwise advertised. It is your responsibility to make sure you are fit and well to be able to travel to and from the location. Haunted Cornwall accepts no responsibility for accident, incident, or injury when traveling to or from events. Please be safe at all times.

13 • Haunted Cornwall accepts no responsibility for any accident, incident, injury, or damage when traveling to/from or before/after events. Please be safe at all times.

14.• Parking your vehicles safely and legally is your responsibility. Haunted Cornwall accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, theft, vandalism, accident, incident, injury, imposed fines, blockage, or clamping of your modes of transport when moving or still. Please park legally and responsibly whilst being courteous to those who live and use areas surrounding the location when onsite parking isn't available.

15 • You are welcome to bring your own equipment to use at events but you are solely responsible for it. Haunted Cornwall accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, theft, vandalism, accident, incident, or injury caused by any items you bring to use at the events you attend. 

16 • We welcome the use of cameras and recording equipment but any images, film, video, or audio are not to be used in public without the prior consent of the people and/or locations recorded, filmed, or captured. This includes adding images, film, video, or audio to social media or public sites. Protecting privacy and anonymity is of the utmost importance to us, for your protection and peace of mind. Please seek permission before adding any images, film, video, or audio of the people attending events online. Failure to do so may result in legal action being taken against you and refused entry to any further Haunted Cornwall events. We accept no responsibility for images, film, video, or audio published by persons at events, or not in the Haunted Cornwall team. If you do not want to be filmed, photographed, or recorded please let us know in advance so we can convey this request on the event.

17 • Where possible, we will provide hot drinks and biscuits. You are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and food. There will not be any facilities provided to heat food, though we will be able to provide limited amounts of hot water. There will be designated areas to consume refreshments. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited to be taken outside of this area. We will clearly state where these areas are. Any hot water, food, or drinks are handled and consumed at your own risk. Haunted Cornwall accepts no responsibility for damage,  accident, incident, or injury caused by any hot water, drinks, or food consumed at Haunted Cornwall events.

18 • Haunted Cornwall will provide the use of some paranormal equipment and gadgets at our events, which will need to be logged and signed for. This is so we can keep a track of where the Haunted Cornwall equipment and gadgets are. When you sign for the use of equipment, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the item(s) including loss, theft, or malicious damage. If any loss, theft, or malicious damage occurs whilst under your responsibility you will be liable and invoiced for the full cost of replacements or repair of the equipment/gadgets that you signed for. 

19 • Haunted Cornwall cannot guarantee any type of paranormal or spiritual activity. You must use your own perception to form opinions on any unexplainable or unusual happenings. We encourage you to use logic and investigate anything that is deemed unexplainable for yourselves. The beliefs/opinions of Haunted Cornwall and its representatives are their own and as such accept no responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, or actions. You have your own judgment and free will to use and act upon responsibly.

20 • Before the start of your event, you will be given a copy of these terms and conditions and asked to sign to agree to all terms and conditions implied. If you do not agree, you will not be able to take part and will be asked to leave. The terms and conditions are not negotiable.

21 • Each person will be asked to supply name, address, phone number, next of kin, and any medical issues, illnesses, or ailments. These records are kept private snd safely stored. We ask for the details in the event of an accident, injury, or incident. We will ask you to sign a form allowing us to give your information to any emergency services, in the highly unlikely event that they will be needed.

22 • All terms and conditions are non-negotiable and by purchasing spaces at any Haunted Cornwall events you are agreeing to and entering a contract to abide by all terms and conditions on this page, terms implied at the time of sale, and

23 • Haunted Cornwall reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time.


Cancellations by you.

Please ensure that at the time of booking you are free and available to attend the event you are booking. Your position at the event is to be paid for in full at the time of booking. If you cannot make the date, please let us know at least 4 weeks in advance and we will transfer you to an event with a more suitable date for you. If you cancel with less than one month's notice, we are unable to offer a transfer of event or refund and your place will be lost if you cannot attend.. This is because we have to pay for the location in advance which is dependent on the number of customers booking.
You can transfer the booked space(s) to someone else. Please let us know in advance so they can be sent a copy of and agree to the terms and conditions before coming to the event. Please note booked spaces can only be transferred once. Any further attempt to transfer booked spaces to other persons will render the transfer null and void, however, this can be considered by Haunted Cornwall if an admin fee is paid upfront before the second or consequent transfers. Please get in contact to discuss.

Cancellations by us.

In the unlikely scenario that we have to cancel an event, we will let you know as soon as possible through the email address supplied and will transfer your booked spaces to another event suitable for you. In the event that we do need to change dates and times, we take no responsibility for costs incurred for travel, accommodation, or any type of time off work, booking, or hire made in advance before or after the event was due to happen.
There are several reasons that we may need to cancel and will give you specific instructions via email for each scenario. All notices and details will be sent to you via the email address given at the time of purchasing and through our social media pages.
There may be a rare time when we need to cancel if we do not fill enough spaces for an event. This is because without enough people it is not financially viable to continue.
Weather can sometimes be unpredictable and in the case that weather is a hindrance or a danger to our customers or team, we will have no option but to cancel and reschedule the event to a later date, with no prior warning. We recommend following our social media pages. Should you not be able to make the rescheduled date you will be offered spaces at a different location and dates that suit you. Any extra booking/higher ticket cost or other expenses incurred for another event is payable by the customer at the time of placing you on to another event. Haunted Cornwall take no responsibility for costs incurred for travel, accommodation, or any type of time off work, booking,
 or hire made in advance before or after the event is due to happen.
If we need to cancel your event for any other reason than given in the terms and conditions, we will reverse the charges back to your original payment method and will notify you through email that we have canceled your booking without further explanation. Haunted Cornwall take no responsibility for costs incurred for travel, accommodation, or any type of time off work, booking, or hire made in advance before or after the event was due to happen.


We want to make you aware that we safely archive any data you provide for insurances purposes. The information you give to us will never be passed on to any third party unless it is a legal/lawful requirement. The only time we will use your information is if we need to contact you regarding an event you have attended or will be attending in the future.
If you want to subscribe to the Haunted Cornwall monthly email, you will need to provide an email address that you give us permission to use as the mailing address.


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